Sunday, March 20, 2005

Trail based heuristic

S. Edelkamp and T. Mehler. Byte code distance heuristics and trail direction for model checking Java programs. In Model Checking and Artificial Intelligence (MoChArt), pages 69–76, 2003.

Here is the link for the call for Papers MoChArt 05

Its a workshop.

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Cross of Changes said...

Wow .. So you are into CS ... hmmm ... I see a lot of Papers in yer blog, you a blog library or something :P.. Well you guessed right too. I am an EE student, though i do some minimal modelling and all from the AI point of view ( identify aircrafts and people and cars and all in 2D and track them ) I also code a lot in VC++ and C ( though i am sure everyone does ). Whats yer specialization ? And yea i did not mean "CS stuff" with disdain :P .. I have taken a few CS courses too and i think they is cool too mathematical, too program oriented, less interesting, too much book keeping :P should be like my courses ... Boring and Boring .. nothing else :P