Saturday, December 04, 2004

blue screen of death on hibernation

I upgraded to SP2 a week ago, and I everytime I would hibernate it would cause a blue screen of death. I went to the Microsoft Updates page and installed all the optional hardware/software updates. They didn't seem related in any way to the problem. But the problem did go away. So everytime you update, its a scary ordeal because with Windows you never know what is going to break.

West Wing Spoiler

I came across the West Wing spoiler. Now I am kind of sad that I know what is going to happen. It would have better to not know. We all saw Hoynes ask Josh to run his campaign for him. The next episode is going to have the current VP Russel ask Josh to run his campaign. Then someone is going to suggest to Josh that he should find his own Jed Bartlet, like Leo. He goes and asks Jimmy Smits to run for president. I think it will be an interesting next season, with Jimmy Smits and Alan Alda running head to head. It would be interesting if they had a Republican Government in the West Wing. I don't think that is going to happen though because most everybody in Hollywood is liberal. Martin Sheen was at the Democratic Convention too. It would be nice if Donna has a bigger role in the new administration, and Sam Seaborn should come back. Rob Lowe has had duds like Lyons Den and Dr Vegas. His character as Sam Seaborne suited him. But there is no mention of his coming back. So I don't he coming back. Both he and the producers should sit down and have a chat.

Friday, December 03, 2004


This is my second foray into the Blogging community. The Movable Type had some issues. So I am going to check this out see how it turns. The good thing is that it will give me someplace to rave or rant about stuff, the serious challenge for me is not be lazy and actually make some posts.