Tuesday, November 21, 2006

San Jose = New India

Me and friend have been considering rechristening San Jose to New India. The number of Indians in the bay area is staggering. I was there recently for a conference I really felt I was in India by the sheer number of Indians I saw there. There is multiplex that exclusively plays Indian movies. So for a change I had the option of actually picking which movie I wanted to watch. We ended up picking Don. We got something to eat at a fast food India place nearby. Someone from the town I grew up was there and came up to me and asked me if I was "Neha". We trying to compute that from all the places in the world what was the probability of this happening in San Jose. The conclusion was "Quite High". We also a had a single data point to prove it, so it was decided to be statistically sound for this problem domain. The service was very typical of something you would find in India. No the US sweet and sugary customer service. My friend was asked twice to show her receipt when her order didn't show up. Embarssingly we found it more amusing than insulting. All things said and done, the food was really good, and after Utah it felt like being back home. On the next day I had the best Mysore masala dosa ever. It felt like dosa from a really good South Indian restaurant located in South India and not on El Camino Road in San Jose.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pointing vs. Sharad Pawar

When I saw this video I was confused. Earlier Ponting seems to be having a sort of "banter moment" with Pawar saying "come on mate hand me the trophy". I am willing to give Ponting the benefit out doubt that he was pushing Pawar away as part of joke. Pawar is the president of the Board of Cricket Control in India, and cabinet minister in the current government. A lot of Indian viewers were shocked at this incident. A lot of that outrage has to do with a cultural background of respect and deference to other people older in age and in better social positions.

Ponting has offered to apologize to any Indian official offended by his actions. He should be specific and target his apology to Pawar. He did not mention it was part of a joke or trick being played on Pawar. So maybe he just got carried away in the moment. It is the first time the Aussie's have won the ICC Championship Trophy.

Friday, October 20, 2006

CS Enrollment going down

CS Enrollment is going down. Right now at BYU there are 450 undergraduates in the Computer Science vs. 1000 a few years ago. This represents a nationwide trend in the US. So what is causing students to stay away from CS? The most common answer people talk about is the scare of out sourcing. But everybody I know is getting a job before getting out of college. This includes people with bachelors, masters and PhDs which makes it even more perplexing.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Shahid Kapur in a Pepsi Ad

Here is a old pepsi advertisement that came out just after Kuch Kuch hota hai became a blockbuster. Now here is the interesting part, the dorky guy whose "dil maange more" after the movie is over, is none other than Shahid Kapur. I just happened to come across it on youtube and could not stop laughing when I saw Shahid. For people unfamaliar with Shahid Kapur, he is a mainstream actor now and looks kinda like this -- Pic of Shahid Kapur .

Monday, September 18, 2006

Mehndi Pictures

When I was in India I got Mehndi put. I had a blast. It was amazing. I am sad I didn't take pictures of how nice the color had turned out. It took two women (professionals) about 35-40 minutes to do each hand (Front and back).

Monday, August 14, 2006

Shocked to find Chaiya Chaiya in "The Inside Man"

I rented the DVD for the Inside Man a couple of days ago. It had all the trappings of a movie I generally like. The plot line is about bank heist starring Clive Owens and Denzel Washington. A good thriller is always welcome with the recent of dearth of good movies Hollywood is churning out. More on that subject later. Clive Owens is one of most under-rated actors around. He really gets into the skin of the character he is playing. His British accent adds to his charm ofcourse. As soon as the movie started playing starting with the globe of the Universal Studios thing, I hear in Sapna Awasti's voice "Jin ki sar ho ishq ki chawan, pav ke neeche janat hogi", the evergreen Chaiya Chaiya song, an A.R.Rahman blockbuster from the movie Dil-se. The original soundtrack keeps playing as the credits roll. A remixed version of the song plays during the end credits of the movie too. Somehow to me (I am a prejudiced audience because I hear and see the song in a different context) did not gel with the setting of the movie. I almost expected Shah rukh Khan and Maliaka Arora to jump out from somewhere and starting dancing. Instead I was subjected to some scenes from Manhanttan. Inside Man is a good movie if you have nothing to do or you are a graduate student.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Globalization in a flat world

Before I come to my interesting tibit here is a little background on the subject: "Vegetarian Food on International Flights". On International flights we have to order special meals when we book our ticket because a vegetarian meal is not an accepted standard option on International flights. So we can order stuff like Asian Vegetarian or Western Vegetarian. Plus we have to specify we are ok with dairy products otherwise we get no desert and some excuse for butter with the bread. On some airlines if you request a vegetarian meal they will give you the lowest common denominator that is dairy-free, low-calorie, sugar-free in addition to being vegetarian. No prizes for guessing how bad such a meal tastes.

The last two trips I have gone to India I have flow Northwest-KLM. Last year on KLM instead of bringing us our "special meal" during mealtime the stewardess came and asked, "Would you like chicken or vegetarian curry?". Note this is on a flight going from Detriot to Amsterdam and not some direct flight in and out of India. A guy sitting a couple rows behind us was quite appalled at his given choices. He asked the stewardess whatever happened to the traditional choices of beef or chicken. A similar thing happened this year too. Again the standard choices were chicken or vegetarian curry. The option for the sides were a crossiant or aloo parantha (its a kind of stuffed Indian bread). The guy sitting behind was curious why there was a standard vegetarian option. The stewardess explained since they were getting so many requests for special meals, a.k.a vegetarian meals, it was getting hard for the airlines to keep track of them and manage them. It was more cost effective for them to have the vegetarian meal as a standard option.

This makes you think that globalization in a flat world is very multi-directional. If there are American food chains in India there is Indian food on an flight operated by an American airline flying from the US to a city in Europe.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Excited about Omkara

The next movie I am really excited about watching is Vishal Bhardwaj's adaptation of the Shakespeare's Othello called Omkara. After watching Maqbool, I was convinced Bhardwaj does a great job with the adaptations. Irfan Khan and Tabu with Pankaj Kapur made a stellar star cast to bring the deception and treachary of Macbeth right to hindi cinema. Next comes Omakara which is set under the polictical backdrop of UP which seems so appropriate for Othello. Ajay Devgan is Othello, Kareena Kapoor is Desdemona, Saif Ali Khan is Iago, Konkona Sen Sharma is Emilia, Vivek Oberoi is Cassio and Bipasha Basu is the courtesan. It will be interesting to see how Saif does as a schemeing manipulator. This sounds totally different than what he has done so far. This character allows more shades of gray. The only part of the star cast that bothers me is Vivek Oberoi as Cassio. After Company he has not proven himself in a really good role, so there is a question mark on his casting. Though he might bring a certain level of guilability and naiveness to the character of Cassio. The trailer looks really good. I am waiting for its soundtrack to come out. Ajay Devgan has a great intensity in him as an actor which translates well to roles that command authority.

Mumbai the rudest city?

Reader's Digest did a survey of 35 cities worldwide to measure the level of civility in each of the city. Mumbai had the distinction of being at the rock bottom of the table. Now coming back to survey, the article on Mumbai is the rudest city states the three basic criteria used for judging the rudeness/civility of the cites. Here is the actual article

  • holding the door open for someone right behind you;
  • helping a passer-by pick up a dropped newspaper or pile of documents;
  • thanking shoppers after their retail experience.

After reading the list I wasn't surprized at all Mumbai was at the rock bottom. Another interesting observation to make most of the Asian countries surveyed are towards the lower end of the spectrum. Here is why the survey is a totally unfair comparison. They are judging cities across the world based on the definition of the etiquite in the western culture. Holding open a door for someone right behind you is a very western defintion of etiquite. None of the major Asian cultures subscribe to this idea as a notion of civility. Some people who have been exposed to a western education will prescribe to the notion others won't.

Thanking shoppers after their retail experience is a different kind of problem. There is a totally different dimension to this problem. Here is the key difference in the retail markets of the US vs India. In the US retail items are marked anywhere between 100-500 percentage profit range depending on the item. Selling one item is considered a succesful sale. However, in India the retail markup is not very high. The profit margins can range from 10-30 percent. To make the same money has the US counterparts, the salespeople have to sell 10 times more. In the process the sweet smile on the face, the sing-a-song "may I help you", "thank you for shopping with us", "are you finding everything all right" goes away. The focus on schmoozzing each client is not possible when you are trying to maximize the sale and not the experience of shopping

For this to have been a more credible survey, it would have been nice if they had distingushed between the western and eastern idea of etiquitte.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Music Review for Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna (KANK)

Love them or hate them but you certainly can't ignore Karan Johar movies. So the music of KANK is finally out and whats the verdict? It is very Shankar-Ehsan-Loy-esque. Their trademark signature is all over the album. I don't mean that in a bad way. Even in A.R. Rahman compositions his signature is printed boldly on each of the songs. Since they last composed Kal Ho Na Ho for Karan Johar who produced the movie, there are definitely some parallels. But given that Kal Ho Na Ho was a fun album I was glad of the certain parallels. The soundtrack other than the title song is not something that grips you instantly; however, it definitely grows on you as listen to it again and again. Sonu Nigam renders the two romantic numbers in the movie with Alka Yagnik. They are the melanchony, romantic numbers which are easy on the ears. Both Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik bring a lot of emotion, passion and depth to these songs. It might have been interesting to have Shreya Ghosal croon atleast one these numbers. Here is a bigger thing that baffles me. Why is suddenly Sonu the king of "only" slow romantic numbers? He is as good at the fun happening songs as he is at the slow numbers. Case in point Fanaa and now KANK. Sonu is doing the slow numbers while Shaan is having the fun. Mix it up a little bit. Both Sonu and Shaan are extremely talented singers. The music directors need to bring out each of the different facets in these two melodious singers.

Among the fast numbers in KANK, "where's the party tonight" by Shaan and Vasundhara Das is a lot of fun. I can already see this playing at all the clubs in B'bay for days similar to Kajra re and Its the time to disco. It has a great beat to it. You can't help but swing to it. The "Farewell Trance" is very techno based and enjoyable. I personally haven't come to care for the two versions of "Mitwa". In my opnion they seem to bring the album down a little bit. I might change my mind in a few days or after seeing the picturization. The last number "Rock n Roll Soniye" is very cliched. Nothing really new to it, a very predominatly wedding themed. It would be no surprize if it is picturized on a wedding. I have a sneaky suspision thatit will be picturized on Amitabh given the way Shanker Mahadevan has gone all out singing this song.

Overall I would its a good album. Give a litte time before you decide to like it or hate.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Anybody else tired of Himmesh Reshmiya?

I was listening to a new movie score, "Ahista Ahista" which is composed by Himmesh Reshmiya. If I hear one more song in the nasal voice of his, I will be read to scream, or not listen to any of his crap ever again. So he got a great break with Aashiq Bana Banaya Apne. The novelty paid off, and it was a chartbuster. But he can't keep repeating himself again and again. I know there are a lot of Himmesh bashers out there. So I don't want this post to turn into lets hate Himmesh. He definitely has talent ; but he seriously needs to stop singing. I am sure the producers won't mind shelling out some extra bucks to get a proper playback singer. So I started listening to the track 5 minutes before I started writing this post. Now another 5 minutes later I am ready to turn it off.

Now music directors singing in their movies is nothing new. Everybody from A.R. Rahman to Anu Malik does it. Shankar Mahadeven is even good at it. But they do it rather to mix it up a litte bit. Anu Malik just does it for fun in totally whacked out numbers like "Ek Garam Chai ke pyali ho". A.R Rahman is a more serious singer. He has done varied numbers like the title song of Dil Se, Chale Chalo in Lagaan, and Yeh jo desh hai mera in Swades. He does not sound a clone of himself in every other song he croons.

Himmesh Reshmiya's current stratergy might pay off in the short run but if he wants to be taken seriously by his peers and the public he needs to diversify and not sing himself.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Excerpt from a Jagit Singh Ghazal

"Dhafna Kar do hume ke saas mile, navaz kuch der se thami si hai" ---> loosely translated in computer science terms means "Terminate my process of life so that I can breath because my life seems to have reached a halting state" ---> translated normally would result in "bury my body so that I am able to take a breathe, life in general is fleeting these days". Now that I have butchered the beautiful poetry totally and irrevocably I will get to the contradiction in the first sentence "Bury me so that I can live". It is quite captivating. We sleep walk most of our life. How many occassions have really fully lived life? Well thats my existential thought of the day.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Dan Brown as a writer

An article about scholars attacking the Da Vinci Code got me thinking about Dan Brown. At best, Dan Brown is a very average mystrey thriller writer even with the huge success of the The Da Vinci code. There are articles and blog posts all over that find errors in Brown's research so google around and you will find enough posts. I am no expert on his books; however, I have read them all on airplanes and airports during the long trip to India. I just think Dan Brown is a very average writer. THe first 150 pages of Angels and Demons reads like a good book but detoriates very fast into a third-grade mystery thriller. Everything (the mole, the near death experiences, the bad guy) is very predictable. If you have read even two books by Dan Brown its is very easy to pick the pattern. Parts of the book are generally promising with taut writing and griping sequences. But he can neither sustain the momentum or keep up the quality of writing.

Now the bulk of the critisicm comes mostly for what Dan Brown claims are "facts" in the book. The article linked above mentions "If you were writing it as a nonfiction book," Gibson asked, "how would it have been different?"
"I don't think it would have," replied Brown.
. I was completely shocked by this statement. The statement opened only two possibilites; one, he is starting to believe his own ficitious stories or two, he wants other people to believe them.

Due to the quality of the writing, the book in my opinion is average. A good way to pass your time on an airport or airplane. I do think that the movie will be much better. From the clips I have seen Tom Hanks and Ron Howard will add a lot more credibility to Robert Langdon's character than Dan Brown could get do. Why? Because Ron Howard and Tom Hanks are the masters of their craft unlike Dan Brown.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondents Dinner

For viewers of the Colbert Report, this will come as a special treat. Now I will give due where it is due. Stephen Colbert's humor is vitrolic. It takes a lot of gumption to invite him to speak at the White house correspondents Dinner. Now the question remained could he deliver the same sharp punches with the President sitting a few feet away? The answer is "oh yes!" he did. It was a no holds barred talk. He made fun of everything from the energy crisis, low approval ratings, crisis mismanagement, the war in Iraq, and President. The video can be viewed: Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondents dinner . Most of the jokes are pretty direct and mean too. Just keep that in mind, if you have never seen The Colbert Report. To the President's credit he was very sporting to the whole thing.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Title song from Fanaa : Lyrics

Mere Haath Mein Tera Haath Ho, Sari Jannattien Mere Saath Ho
Tu jo paas ho, phir kya ye jahan Tere pyar mein ho jao Fanaa

Tere dil mein meri saason ko panah mil jaye , tere ishq mein meri jaan fanna ho jaye

Jitne paas hai khushboo saans ke, jitne paas hooton ke sargam
Jaise saath hai karvat yaad ke, jaise saath baahon ke sangam
Jitne paas paas khawabon ke nazar utne paas tu rahena humsafar

Tu jo pass ho phir kya ye jahan Tere pyar mein ho jao Fanaa
Mere haath mein tera haath ho, sari jannattein mere saath ho

Roone de aaj humko tu aakhen sujane de baahon me lele aur khud ko bhi jaane de
Hai jo seene mein kaid dariya woh chot jayega, hai itna dard ke tera daman bheeg jayega

Jinte paas paas dhadkan ke hai raaz, jitne paas boodon ke badal
Jaise Saath saath chanda ke hai raat , utne paas nainon ke kajal
Jitne paas paas sagar ke leher, utne paas tu rahena humsafar

Tu jo pass ho phir kya ye jahan Tere pyar mein ho jao Fanaa
Mere haath mein tera haath ho, sari jannattein mere saath ho

Adhuri Saans thi dhadkan adhuri thi ahudre hum,
Magar ab chand pura hai fhalak pe aur ab pure hai hum

Friday, April 14, 2006

Mistress of Spices Trailer

If you love Gurinder Chadha brand of cinema (east meets west), I am sure you will want to know about this. The book, Mistress of Spices written by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is quite different from your average novel with expartiate Indians trying to find a foothold in the US. It bring a certain mysticism and spirituality of eastern philosphy to the west. People have compared it to Joanne Harris' Chocolat . The thing similar in the books is the healing powers of spices vs. chocolates, a person adept at adminstering them. However, personally the character development is very different both books. Mistress of Spices brings a lot of eastern values in a nice way. The movie has Aishwariya Rai as Tilo the protoganist, and Dylan McDermot plays the American. Here is the Trailer for Mistress of Spices

I am sucker for the east meets west movies. Well made movies that is. The screenplay is co-written by Gurinder Chadha and her husband Paul Berges. Paul Berges directs this one. It will be interesting to see if he can bring the same level of sensitivity and humor like his wife's movies

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Water: A painfully beautiful movie

Deepa Mehta's trilogy ends with Water. It is by far the most moving movie out of the trilogy. The characters and the situations are very real. You almost seem transported to the set itself. The moisture and water in the movie seems to surround the viewer in addition to the characters. The music futher haunts the viewer, and sucks them in. The plight of women, the hypocrisy of society, the poverty, the helpness remain etched in your mind long after the movie. The last movie that affected me so strongly was Mr & Mrs Iyer, or Pinjar. I very highly recommend the movie.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Closing Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games

The closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games just concluded in Australia. The last bit of the closing ceremony had Aishwariya Rai, Saif Ali Khan, Rani Mukherji et al. Now I saw the video online somewhere, where the quality was not too good so there is a possibility that the audio was not synced up the video. But I doubt that. The Channel 9 commetator called Aishawariya Rai - Isha Sherwani, and called Priyanka Chopra - Aishwariya Rai. A case of mistaken identity? The announcer at the stadium had gotten it right, just the commentator was all confused. So people who are wondering what bollywood stars were doing at the closing ceremony of the commonwealth games, the next games are in Delhi. They also unveiled the mascot, "Sher Khan". The commentator was saying Sher Khan, and it almost sounded like Shah Rukh Khan. You need to say it fast with an "strine" accent to see what I mean. The mascot costume was very tacky. The design is cute but it looked like some guy in a baggy halloween costume. Come on people we can do better than. The adverstiment for Delhi 2010 was also aired, the best part of the ad is end where they have jalebi with the words Delhi, yumm!!

Friday, March 31, 2006

India scrape past Eng

India win was its 14th consecutive win while chasing a target. The win equalled the previous record of West Indies did in 1984 and '86. At one point about 7-8 years ago, India were known as the best chokers in the game. They had mastered the art of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The infusion of some young blood has given way to a new attitude of never say die. This change is palable in a lot of other things too. People scream and shout obout outsourcing, R&D jobs moving to India. The thing people need to take notice of is the new attitude. For a long time Indians were quite laid back, content in their lives. Now there seems to be fire within to excel. Gone is the old-school notions of get a government job and lead an easy going life.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Phd Comics


Disclaimer: This comic does not apply to me, and it never will. Ahem ahem!

Well the some grad students at Stanford started the comic. Its a must read for graduate students. All the archives can be acessed here Posted by Picasa


So ever wondered what Google means. It had its origins from the word Googal . A Googal is a one followed by a hundred zeros. As wikipedia will tell you, a googol is equal to ten duotrigintillion

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Came across this in the online tabloid called "timesofindia.com"

A national player will, on an average, earn nearly Rs 10 crore every year (Rs 40 crore over four years).

Senior cricketers could even be making around Rs 25 crore every year, which is as much as Sachin Tendulkar earns every year from endorsements. Currently, nobody else comes close to matching that figure.

BCCI was always the big bad wolf in the media. Now that its sharing more of its wealth with the players, does it stand redeemed with the media?

Monday, March 27, 2006

The other side of outsourcing

This segment was aired on Discovery. It follows the trend of the book, "The World is Flat" by Thomas Friedman. Really good book. Everyone should read it. I highly recommend it. This segment also follows Thomas Friedman's journey of the outsourcing, call centers etc. Here is the other side of outsourcing : Clip

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The Rise of India

I had recently read an a very well-written article about India in a recent Newsweek issues. One of its other affliates abc ran a segment about India. It quite well encapsulates the jist of the article in Newsweek. Here is the Clip: India Rising .


Saturday, March 25, 2006

Slasher vs. Slashdotter

Here is a little quiz to test your knowledge of a programming whiz vs. serial killers. Its pretty hilarious. You see pictures of people and make a decision on whether you think the person is a slasher or a slashdotter. I am embarassed to say, I got a score of 7/10. Better luck to you people. Here is the Quiz . Post your scores, so I don't feel as bad :D

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

New class schedule

They are getting rid of EcEn-CS 224 and EcEn-CS 324. I am glad they are getting rid of 224, the whole designing circuits with CAD tools was never my kind of thing. Though it gave me an ability to talk to the EE people intelligently. However I am really sad about 324. The low level computer architecture was so educational to being a good programmer. This is one of the classes where I learnt the most.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Real Victors are privacy and Google

The verdict in the Gonzales vs. Google is a victory for privacy rights and even Google. When other companies just rolled over and handed the data to the Department of Justice, Google stood up for their users' privacy rights. They spent money for their users. This is the mindset that sets Google apart from other tech companies. This issue also bring out some very important questions about the rights of users and ethics of Internet companies. Lets me present an analogy, a telephone company cannot disclose call records without a supeona. Consider the DoJ asking for a random 100,000 phone records to track terrorist activity etc. There would have been an uproar in all sections of the society. So why are there not more people upset about DoJ's current request. The blogging community and Google are the only two people fighting it, in their own different ways. I feel the problem with Internet privacy violation is that most people don't understand the true ramifications of it. For an average Joe user the Internet is really a black box. As the end user he does not know how much information he is really sending out there. There were no msn or yahoo users up in arms about them giving search data to the DoJ. As an avid-Google user I say kudos to Google for standing up for their users' privacy rights.

Friday, March 17, 2006

apply these lines to ppl in your life

Here are lines from a song. Play a game, how many people can you apply it to? Think broadly and creatively.

Chain se humko kabhi, apne jeene na diya..
Zeher bhi chaya agar, apne peene na diya

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Holi - A festival of colors

Happy Duleti everyone. People keep asking me what is Holi? why and how is it celebrated. I came accross and article that well explains the basics of holi. Happy Reading

Holi The Festival of Colors

I would like to add, this festival is primarily celebrated in the northern and western parts of India.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Amey Date is out of Indian Idol

The Indian janta has voted. Amey Date is out of Indian Idol. It turns out that they tape the episode earlier in the day. THe news of Amey's exit was already all over the news even before the episode was aired. Message boards were filled with angst over his exit. Though I feel these message boards are frequented more by expartirate Indians living in US or UK, like myself. There are so many people who watch this show outside of US, but really have no means of voting. They need to install a vote online option. They do need to check for ballot stuffing and clicking bots. Each IP address could be allowed a certain number of votes.

BTW the whole natak of the judges staging a walkout was almost comical. The idea of a rematch was absurd. Freemantle owns the format, they won't allow deviation from the format. I am glad Amey took the higher ground and refused the rematch. Though the contest has lost the zing for me. If Amey and Karunya were in the top two, I would have really enjoyed the contest. Hopefully Amey's fans will vote for Karunya to restore the dignity of the contest.

My top three were Amey Antara and Karunya. Only Karunya remains to fight a twisted battle with the public voting pattern. Good luck

Happy Holi!!

Wishing all the readers of my blog a very happy holi.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bill Hemmer on Fox News

I have always been very resistant to watching Fox News. I was flipping channels this morning, and guess who I saw on Fox News-- Bill Hemmer. The former CNN correspondent. Now for me some correspondents are synonymous with CNN: Christine Amopour, Larry King, Anderson Cooper. Bill Hemmer used to be on that list. Even though I never watched American Morning regularly. I just felt weird seeing Bill Hemmer on Fox. I gotta say, he almost gives Fox news more credibility. I mean I watched 5 mins of it, instead of instantly changing the channel.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Nokia Research Center, Dallas TX


The BYU group with the people from the Nokia Research Center in Dallas Texas. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Post-Christmas Christmas Party

This is everyone in the lab with their better halves and kids. No prizes for guessing who is missing. Somebody want to photoshop them in?
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Neha Rungta

Me trying to sell verification of embedded systems. Anyone buying?
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Chilli's in Dallas Texas


Everybody at the BYU-Nokia Seminar enjoying a nice dinner at Chillis in Dallas.
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Spinach Alfredo sauce

I came up with my own recipe for a spinach alfredo sauce.

1 stick butter
3 tablespoons flour
1/2 cup shredded M Jack cheese
4 cups finely chopped baby spinach
1 med sized finely chopped red onion
2 green chillies finely chopped
4 cups whole milk

Melt the butter in a flat saucepan. Cook the green chillies and red onion until fully cooked. The onions should look a pink and translucent. Add the flour while stirring. Slowly add the milk, make sure no lumps are formed. On a medium flame bring to a boil. Add the spinach and salt. Cook for 1 minute. Add the cheese. Cook till the consistency of the sauce is what you like. I like a running sauce, so I didn't boil it much more. But if you like a thick creamy sauce. Cook it for about 3-4 minutes.

Hint for leftover: Add some milk or water before heating the sauce and adding it to the pasta.