Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Jammed CD with Roxio Direct CD

Never ever put a formatted CD in your CD-R drive and try either to write, read it. It will just jam and if you try to exit it will give an error something about the Roxio direct CD kernel has locked
the object. In this case take a paper clip straigten the clip and push it in the hole drive. It will go in about a inch or an inch and half. This will pop the CD tray and you can pull out your CD and throw away your formatted CD. It only costs so 50 cents.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Desi Consumers in US

I read this interesting article in Time magazine. It was called "Chasing Desi Dollars". It wasn't an Asian edition of the Time magazine, it was the US edition. I am not bothering to put a link to the article, because after a few days you can't access an archived article on Time without being registered. It is interesting that a "desi demographic" is begin recognized as a market in the US. Their choice of words in using the term desi is even more fascinating because even though very commonly used among South Asians, it is not a term commonly used by the Western world espcially in America. Here are some interesting facts that were in the article.

  • 64% of Indians in the US have a bachelors degree vs the 24% of the total population

  • The 2000 Census revealed that during the 1990s the number of Indians in the US more than doubled making them the fastest growing Asian minority

  • Indians commanded $76 billion worth of disposable income

  • Indians median household income is $64,000 -- 50% higher than the national average