Friday, March 25, 2005

A Farce called the Bangalore Test Match

My question is what was the curator thinking when he made the Bangalore pitch. A placid wicket with nothing in it. Imagine the plight of fans if the series at been at a tantalizing 1-1. Even without that a good pitch would have given India a chance at the number 2 ranking on the ICC test ratings. Everyones been cribbing about Ganguly's form. I think he is very talented by lazy. He hasn't worked on overcoming his shortcomings specially against the short ball. Being the most sucessful Indian Captian has not had enough people baying for his blood. I think he can rise to the challenge and prove he is a world class batsman


Akshay said...

Agreed that Ganguly is a world class batsman and has played some of the most breath taking innings ever. Esp in sharjah where the roofs are named as Ganguly roofs.. But as a test player apart from the first 4 tests he hasnt been very great. A leader he is but successful because of the class of his team. Put Dravid and Tendulkar together in Bangladeshi team and even that will make a huge difference. And yes the final test is turning out to be boring..

Neha Rungta said...

Thx for reading my post Akshay. Well Ganguly is arrogant which works when he is leading the team. Even Steve Waugh commented favorably on his leadership skills. But that exact thing is his downfall as a batsman. Well looks like I am being proved wrong. Pakistan has a small chance to win the match. It will be pretty shameful if India can't salvage a draw.