Sunday, March 27, 2005

Latex Symbols

Here is a good reference for all the Latex Symbols.

Latex Symbols

Friday, March 25, 2005

Microsoft Power Toys

So for all the linux geeks our there and wanting multiple desktops to play around with here is your answer .. "Microsoft Power Toys"

Power Toys

They have other stuff too like having actual images of the object that your when you hit Alt Tab and stuff like that. So here comes the funny part. They make a big deal about saying its not supported by Microsoft so don't expect any support or anything like that. So here is my guess some Microsoft people did it for fun. (If it was supported by Microsoft it prob wouldn't be free ;) ) So imagine a conversation between a linux supporter and a Microsoft guy

Microsoft guy : Well I don't have to recompile my kernel to read my USB drive.
Linux supporter : You don't have multiple desktop :P

And thats how the story goes.

Quote of the Day "There is not such thing as being too rich, too thin or having too much bandwidth"

A Farce called the Bangalore Test Match

My question is what was the curator thinking when he made the Bangalore pitch. A placid wicket with nothing in it. Imagine the plight of fans if the series at been at a tantalizing 1-1. Even without that a good pitch would have given India a chance at the number 2 ranking on the ICC test ratings. Everyones been cribbing about Ganguly's form. I think he is very talented by lazy. He hasn't worked on overcoming his shortcomings specially against the short ball. Being the most sucessful Indian Captian has not had enough people baying for his blood. I think he can rise to the challenge and prove he is a world class batsman

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Papers I need to cite for SPIN paper

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For the definition of the admissible and consistent

Generalized BF Search Stratergies and the Optimality of A* published in the ACM journal by Dechter and J. Pearl

Another FSM heuristic:
The Right Algorithm at the Right Time: Comparing Data Flow Analysis Algorithms for Finite State Verification (2001)
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International Conference on Software Engineering

Validation with guided search of the state space
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Annual ACM IEEE Design Automation Conference archive
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Source International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis archive
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An Experiment with Inline Substitution

Cooper,Wall and Torczon
@article{ cooper91experiment,
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Monday, March 21, 2005

LN Mittal

Here is an article on Mittal's rise to the third richest man in the world.

Forbes article

Vernal Equinox

Today is technically the first day of Spring. Well it depends on what Spring bring for you. The cold dreary winter is gone and here comes a season full of allergies. Whoohoo!!! Spring has the most positive connotation of all seasons. Does a season really affect how we feel? Are people happier in sunny beach California than in people in say Boston? Is the need for light a genetic thing or an envirnoment conditioning? Some one told me that 60% of people in Alaska suffer from some kind of depression.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Trail based heuristic

S. Edelkamp and T. Mehler. Byte code distance heuristics and trail direction for model checking Java programs. In Model Checking and Artificial Intelligence (MoChArt), pages 69–76, 2003.

Here is the link for the call for Papers MoChArt 05

Its a workshop.

Victory at Eden Gardens

India finally overcame history to beat Pakistan at Eden Gardens. The ever dependable Kumble bowled India to a famous victory. Special kudos to Rahul Dravid who hit two centuries, one in each innings. The thing that is getting really cliched is calling Dravid an unsung hero, underated blah blah. I think the media likes to play that up every time he does well. I think it does him more diservice than any good. Everybody knows that Dravid is a key player in the Indian cricket team. I think comparisons between him and Tendulkar and Ganguly should stop. In all circles Dravid's talent is appreciated and recognized. And if the media claims otherwise, then it is grossly wrong.

I think the Bangalore test is going to be a draw. I have been at the bangalore stadium for the India- South Africa test match and its just lacks a soul. Well it will depend on the pitch. I would rather that the test match be in Chennai.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

For Firefox fans

Here is finally a game which works good only in Firefox and doesn't really work in IE. Linux geeks ko Salaam !!!!

Make words

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

1/3 rd traffic on the net comes from torrents

I came across this article from slashdot, it claims that 35% of the internet traffic comes from BitTorrent. I believe that statistic but am amazed. This article even talks about how bittorrent works and stuff like that. What it doesn't say is that it's a negotation based protocol. So can't just sit there and leech, you will have to share.

BitTorrent Article