Friday, March 25, 2005

Microsoft Power Toys

So for all the linux geeks our there and wanting multiple desktops to play around with here is your answer .. "Microsoft Power Toys"

Power Toys

They have other stuff too like having actual images of the object that your when you hit Alt Tab and stuff like that. So here comes the funny part. They make a big deal about saying its not supported by Microsoft so don't expect any support or anything like that. So here is my guess some Microsoft people did it for fun. (If it was supported by Microsoft it prob wouldn't be free ;) ) So imagine a conversation between a linux supporter and a Microsoft guy

Microsoft guy : Well I don't have to recompile my kernel to read my USB drive.
Linux supporter : You don't have multiple desktop :P

And thats how the story goes.

Quote of the Day "There is not such thing as being too rich, too thin or having too much bandwidth"

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