Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Amey Date is out of Indian Idol

The Indian janta has voted. Amey Date is out of Indian Idol. It turns out that they tape the episode earlier in the day. THe news of Amey's exit was already all over the news even before the episode was aired. Message boards were filled with angst over his exit. Though I feel these message boards are frequented more by expartirate Indians living in US or UK, like myself. There are so many people who watch this show outside of US, but really have no means of voting. They need to install a vote online option. They do need to check for ballot stuffing and clicking bots. Each IP address could be allowed a certain number of votes.

BTW the whole natak of the judges staging a walkout was almost comical. The idea of a rematch was absurd. Freemantle owns the format, they won't allow deviation from the format. I am glad Amey took the higher ground and refused the rematch. Though the contest has lost the zing for me. If Amey and Karunya were in the top two, I would have really enjoyed the contest. Hopefully Amey's fans will vote for Karunya to restore the dignity of the contest.

My top three were Amey Antara and Karunya. Only Karunya remains to fight a twisted battle with the public voting pattern. Good luck

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