Friday, October 28, 2005

The Mohali match

Some good fast bowling put Sri Lanka on the backfoot from the beginning. They could never really recover from the early blows. Well the middle and lower order did not dig their heels to get their eye in and play some sensible shots. They were bowled out for a really low 122. In mordern cricket, its not even a score that can be defended on a flat wicket. The outfield is very lush at Mohali, and if the bowl is struck cleanly it will go racing to the boundary. Sachin is really enjoying is comeback. I think the break has done him good. He has come back revitalized, with a greater hunger for runs. To seal his legacy as one of the greats he needs to lead by example in the coming World Cup. This might be last World Cup for him. Well for the Lankan fans the match was over even before it began.


Mike Jones said...

Posting blog entries during my class. Hmmm, I suppose that should be a grade--. Oh wait, posting comments during my own class. That sould probably be an instructor rating --.

someday I will appreciate cricket because it seems like a fascinating sport if you get it, which I don't, yet.

Neha Rungta said...

If you don't tell... I won't. How about that?