Friday, October 28, 2005

Beautiful Song

Do Naina aur Ek Kahani, Thoda Sa Badal Thoda Sa Paani, Aur Ek Kahani (2)
Do Naina aur Ek Kahani

Chotsi do jheeloon mein woh beheti raheti hai (2)
Koi sune ya na sune kaheti raheti hai
Kuch Likh kar kuch zubaani
Thoda sa badal Thoda sa paani Aur Ek Kahani
Do Naina aur Ek Kahani

Thodi si hai jaani hui Thodi si nayee (2)
Jahan ruke Aasun wahi puri ho gayi
Hai to nayee phir bhi hai to purani
Thoda sa badal Thoda sa paani Aur Ek Kahani
Do Naina aur Ek Kahani

Ek khamat ho to doosri raat aajaati hai (2)
Hooton pe phir bhule hue baat aajaati hai
Do nainon ki hai ye Kahani
Thoda sa badal Thoda sa paani Aur Ek Kahani
Do Naina aur Ek Kahani

Was hearing this song from Masoom. Its written by Gulzar. This is my recent favorite these days. Sung very well by Aarti Mukherjee. Though I got to admit I haven't heard her name that often. I am sure I have heard some other stuff from her but just can't place her in my head. There is a 4 CD set of Gulzar's songs out "Mera Kuch Saman". I would say its worthy of collection. The songs in it ranges four decades. This song is not in the collection but another song from Masoom, "Tujhe se Naraz Nahin Zindagi" is on it. There are songs from Bandini, Anand to Maachis and Pinjar. Great for listening in the evening. Well recently I have been listening to it while writing my MS proposal :). This is a recent addition to my songs by Pankaj Udhas, Mukesh, and Jagit Singh. They are up there in my most listened to list. I guess I should make a note of all the music I listen to and make sure to thank all the singers, composers, musicians in my thesis. Well I am pretty sure without the music I can't and I won't get there. I distinctly remember that while writting my ASE paper I was in the Yanni and kishore kumar mode.


Navneet Sharma said...


Great song...I had it up on my old blog (ended up getting a comment-- "but it's so slow"...).

Have you seen the movie? The song is a lullaby (I think Shabana sings it to the kids in the movie...).

Love the lyrics

Neha Rungta said...

Hey Navneet,

Yea I actually just recently saw the movie again. The song is a lullaby, but its not one of those sappy ones. Shabana is singing it to her daughters while poor Jugal Hansraj is missing his mother. (Don't know how much of the movie you remember, but she died and thats why he is living with Naseer and Shabana). The other song I really love from this movie is "Huzur is tarah ne itara ke chailye".

If you get a chance see the movie I would recommend seeing it again. you'll be amazed at how the movie doesn't seem dated at all. I guess Shekhar Kapur is a really good filmaker. It is hilarious to see Urmila as a kid though.


vivek said...

love the song .. somehow jus hit on your blog .. while searching for this song on google .

Anyways, if i may correct
nag mode
Hooton pe phir bhule hue Baat aajate hai
/nag mode

Neha Rungta said...

Hey Vivek,

Thanks for pointing out the typo.


jini said...

Hi neha, I too stumbled upon your blog while searching for this song. It is and has always been one of my favourites. Couldn't agree more with you about the effect that the right kind of songs can have on us :-) Really enjoyed reading your blog.