Monday, August 14, 2006

Shocked to find Chaiya Chaiya in "The Inside Man"

I rented the DVD for the Inside Man a couple of days ago. It had all the trappings of a movie I generally like. The plot line is about bank heist starring Clive Owens and Denzel Washington. A good thriller is always welcome with the recent of dearth of good movies Hollywood is churning out. More on that subject later. Clive Owens is one of most under-rated actors around. He really gets into the skin of the character he is playing. His British accent adds to his charm ofcourse. As soon as the movie started playing starting with the globe of the Universal Studios thing, I hear in Sapna Awasti's voice "Jin ki sar ho ishq ki chawan, pav ke neeche janat hogi", the evergreen Chaiya Chaiya song, an A.R.Rahman blockbuster from the movie Dil-se. The original soundtrack keeps playing as the credits roll. A remixed version of the song plays during the end credits of the movie too. Somehow to me (I am a prejudiced audience because I hear and see the song in a different context) did not gel with the setting of the movie. I almost expected Shah rukh Khan and Maliaka Arora to jump out from somewhere and starting dancing. Instead I was subjected to some scenes from Manhanttan. Inside Man is a good movie if you have nothing to do or you are a graduate student.


Information Junkie said...

Spike Lee must have heard the track in one of the many NYC Indian fusion joints. There is one right on the Times Square.

A. R. Rehman's music is really good and crosses cultures so easily.

Soon, we should see more of Bollywood orginals in Hollywood.

Thank you for posting about this. My reaction was exactly the same as yours!

kris said...

Dil se,

Need we say anything more
this is obviously the sensational epic song redifined our lineage of goog songs.

Dil Se
Carrollton Texas (present day)
otherwise origin (Chennai India)