Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Excerpt from a Jagit Singh Ghazal

"Dhafna Kar do hume ke saas mile, navaz kuch der se thami si hai" ---> loosely translated in computer science terms means "Terminate my process of life so that I can breath because my life seems to have reached a halting state" ---> translated normally would result in "bury my body so that I am able to take a breathe, life in general is fleeting these days". Now that I have butchered the beautiful poetry totally and irrevocably I will get to the contradiction in the first sentence "Bury me so that I can live". It is quite captivating. We sleep walk most of our life. How many occassions have really fully lived life? Well thats my existential thought of the day.


Navneet Sharma said...


Thanks for the wishes...when is urs?

Jagjit singh...magic always...


Anonymous said...


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