Saturday, May 13, 2006

Dan Brown as a writer

An article about scholars attacking the Da Vinci Code got me thinking about Dan Brown. At best, Dan Brown is a very average mystrey thriller writer even with the huge success of the The Da Vinci code. There are articles and blog posts all over that find errors in Brown's research so google around and you will find enough posts. I am no expert on his books; however, I have read them all on airplanes and airports during the long trip to India. I just think Dan Brown is a very average writer. THe first 150 pages of Angels and Demons reads like a good book but detoriates very fast into a third-grade mystery thriller. Everything (the mole, the near death experiences, the bad guy) is very predictable. If you have read even two books by Dan Brown its is very easy to pick the pattern. Parts of the book are generally promising with taut writing and griping sequences. But he can neither sustain the momentum or keep up the quality of writing.

Now the bulk of the critisicm comes mostly for what Dan Brown claims are "facts" in the book. The article linked above mentions "If you were writing it as a nonfiction book," Gibson asked, "how would it have been different?"
"I don't think it would have," replied Brown.
. I was completely shocked by this statement. The statement opened only two possibilites; one, he is starting to believe his own ficitious stories or two, he wants other people to believe them.

Due to the quality of the writing, the book in my opinion is average. A good way to pass your time on an airport or airplane. I do think that the movie will be much better. From the clips I have seen Tom Hanks and Ron Howard will add a lot more credibility to Robert Langdon's character than Dan Brown could get do. Why? Because Ron Howard and Tom Hanks are the masters of their craft unlike Dan Brown.


The Smiling Girl said...

Good to know that there is someone who thinks like me regarding Dan Brown.
Man, after reading all 4 of his novels back to back, I have taken a decision for a lifetime - Never read books of the same author back to back!

Did u get to read his Deception Point and Digital Fortress? They are really the suck-all ones!

Da Vinci Code is a well-written book, though.. but once we read Angels& Demons, the pattern is quite understood. He just cant handle the pace and mystery element he carries through out the book!

Neha Rungta said...

His writing style is very predictable. As a reader if I can be surprized in a thriller than its just a timepass thriller for me not a very good one. Da Vinci Code was exactly that, a timepass read.

Neha Rungta said...

If I can't* be surprized (correction to the earlier comment)

bhattathiri said...

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