Sunday, December 18, 2005

The real story behind King Kong : A satire

Two things were always at the back of Peter Jackson's mind. One, Titanic is the all time biggest earner and Steven Speilberg's name creates the biggest buzz. With great resolve Peter Jackson wants to break these shackles and rein over filmdom. He starts looking for a movie to remake that has a truly international appeal. He decides to watch all this favorite movies starts with Titanic, Jurassic Park, Disney's Beauty and the Beast, and the Green Mile. As he watches these movies his heart wells up with sorrow. He does not want to remake one, he wants to remake all of them, at the same time. Now we understand that Hollywood was going to let Jackson make pretty much anything he wanted, but how was he going to convince them that it was "ok" to shoot four movies at the same time. He decides to take a few weeks off to think the matter through. At home in New Zealand he feels a new calm descending over him and a power guides him to his journal he wrote as a kid. He looks at an entry where he talks so eloquently as a eight year old about making King Kong. He chuckles to himself wishing if only life were so simple now. Then in a momemt of a lifetime, it hits him. All his sorrows were washed away with a single wave of the ocean. He realizes he could make four movies at the same time. It would just have to be called "king kong".


joel said...

So I take it you thought the movie was a little too "busy"?

Neha Rungta said...

Its a good movie. But tries to do too much.