Sunday, November 20, 2005

Queen Mary

This is a picture of the ship Queen Mary taken from a boat on the Long Beach harbor. The Queen Mary is cruise ship from the 1930's. Its now been converted to a hotel and doesn't go to sea anymore. The interior definitely gives the feel of it being old. It has wooden boards instead of regular flooring. The strange thing being on the Queen Mary made me feel like I was in B'bay in Morarka House. It probably the sea breeze and the old look.
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Navneet Sharma said...


I agree it makes u feel like u r in Bombay (Morarka reminded me more of my "Jawahar" days and of course, IMSC..US Club)...I was there in august...liked it...


Neha Rungta said...


Visiting Long Beach really reminded me a lot of B'bay. I live on Nepean Sea Rd, and can see the sea from my house. Got me all homesick :). The paint on the buildings was corroded due to the sea air, so doesn't look like the picture perfect small towns of the US. Most of Long Beach is very ghettoish but just a very small area around the downtown is nice with the harbour. The fish smell is unmissable.