Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lalu's 15 year reign ends.. what does that mean for Bihar?

So Lalu's reign ends with the NDA coming to power in Bihar. The new government has to be very careful and not turn into another Lalu regime. Bihar has the lowest per capita income, lowest literacy rate, really bad law and order situation, murder, rape and kidnapping are rampant. If you have travelled by road in Bihar, its very easy to know that the infrastructure is almost non-existent. The new goverment has an uphill task of rebuilding Bihar. The first thing they should work on improving the law and order situation. Then Bihar can take a leaf out of other emerging states. Uttaranchal has offered tax sops to companies for setting up their units there. They are also designating certain parts to be industrial areas. Haryana is another state that really hard to bring invesetment. Gurgoan is attracting a lot of IT companies with new developement. Poverty breeds a lot of ills, so creating lucrative jobs in Bihar is key to its development.

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