Monday, June 20, 2005

The fickle Indian Media

Yesterday I was reading on timesofindia, how the Aussies are marked for downfall and talking about worthy successors. It takes a lot more than two defeats to break team. This could be indicative of a trend or could be just a flash in the pan. The thing that bothers me is that the Indian media espeically the sports journalists write totally in black or white. Its either Sachin is finished or Sachin evokes exterme terror in the mind of opposing teams bowlers. Its the same thing about everything. May it be Chappel's stint as coach, the bowling department or Ganguly's batting. India certainly has the talent to become the best team in the world. But so do a lot of other teams too. It takes a lot more than talent in today's day and age to become the top team. One of the things is consistency, discipline, hard work on fielding, the tail having the ability to wag.

I think the media needs to become more responsible and not faun so much rehtoric. Is it so hard to write articles logically and rationally. I am not branding all journalists but this is the general picture I get. Sports is capable of evoking extreme emotions in a person, so the other mediums should act a pacifier.

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