Sunday, June 18, 2006

Music Review for Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna (KANK)

Love them or hate them but you certainly can't ignore Karan Johar movies. So the music of KANK is finally out and whats the verdict? It is very Shankar-Ehsan-Loy-esque. Their trademark signature is all over the album. I don't mean that in a bad way. Even in A.R. Rahman compositions his signature is printed boldly on each of the songs. Since they last composed Kal Ho Na Ho for Karan Johar who produced the movie, there are definitely some parallels. But given that Kal Ho Na Ho was a fun album I was glad of the certain parallels. The soundtrack other than the title song is not something that grips you instantly; however, it definitely grows on you as listen to it again and again. Sonu Nigam renders the two romantic numbers in the movie with Alka Yagnik. They are the melanchony, romantic numbers which are easy on the ears. Both Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik bring a lot of emotion, passion and depth to these songs. It might have been interesting to have Shreya Ghosal croon atleast one these numbers. Here is a bigger thing that baffles me. Why is suddenly Sonu the king of "only" slow romantic numbers? He is as good at the fun happening songs as he is at the slow numbers. Case in point Fanaa and now KANK. Sonu is doing the slow numbers while Shaan is having the fun. Mix it up a little bit. Both Sonu and Shaan are extremely talented singers. The music directors need to bring out each of the different facets in these two melodious singers.

Among the fast numbers in KANK, "where's the party tonight" by Shaan and Vasundhara Das is a lot of fun. I can already see this playing at all the clubs in B'bay for days similar to Kajra re and Its the time to disco. It has a great beat to it. You can't help but swing to it. The "Farewell Trance" is very techno based and enjoyable. I personally haven't come to care for the two versions of "Mitwa". In my opnion they seem to bring the album down a little bit. I might change my mind in a few days or after seeing the picturization. The last number "Rock n Roll Soniye" is very cliched. Nothing really new to it, a very predominatly wedding themed. It would be no surprize if it is picturized on a wedding. I have a sneaky suspision thatit will be picturized on Amitabh given the way Shanker Mahadevan has gone all out singing this song.

Overall I would its a good album. Give a litte time before you decide to like it or hate.


imran said...

I recently came to saudi arabia , and , the main thing i miss out here is , bollywood music. I mean , you do'nt get latest bollywood music cds over here. So , i was dying to listen to the music of KANK . And finally i got the music cd couriered from india by my parents (they know that i'm the BIGGEST srk fan on the globe)after listening to the songs , i can say only one word ...... FANTABULOUS!!!!! KANK ROCKS!!!!! my personal favourite is TUM HI DEKHO NA & WHERE'S THE PARTY TONIGHT ? , OTHER SONGS ARE ALSO HUMMABLE , BUT TUMHI DEKHO NA IS IMMENSELY HUMMABLE , IT HAS SUCH A CLASSY APPEAL TO IT WHICH ONLY FITS STARS LIKE SRK & RANI.

Neha Rungta said...

I agree, the music really grows onto the listener. I still feel it has strains of Kal ho Na ho which slightly reduces its overall impact