Saturday, July 09, 2005

Desi Consumers in US

I read this interesting article in Time magazine. It was called "Chasing Desi Dollars". It wasn't an Asian edition of the Time magazine, it was the US edition. I am not bothering to put a link to the article, because after a few days you can't access an archived article on Time without being registered. It is interesting that a "desi demographic" is begin recognized as a market in the US. Their choice of words in using the term desi is even more fascinating because even though very commonly used among South Asians, it is not a term commonly used by the Western world espcially in America. Here are some interesting facts that were in the article.

  • 64% of Indians in the US have a bachelors degree vs the 24% of the total population

  • The 2000 Census revealed that during the 1990s the number of Indians in the US more than doubled making them the fastest growing Asian minority

  • Indians commanded $76 billion worth of disposable income

  • Indians median household income is $64,000 -- 50% higher than the national average

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