Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Cloning-based Context Sensitive Pointer Alias Analysis using Binary Decision Diagrams

This paper presents a solution to the problem with scalability of context sensitive call graphs. When the programs become very big, inlining function calls becomes exponentially large. It generates a BDD to implicity represent the calling context. This allvieates a lot of problems.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Restaurant review : Zupa's

We went to this new place for lunch today "Zupa's". Turns out the guy who owns the place used to work at Novell's cafeteria in Provo. Its serves soups, salads and sandwichs. I had half soup/half sandwich. I really liked the grilled panini. The foccacia was just rightly toasted not too thick. I had the vegetarian panini instead of the three cheese one. The amount of the cheese was not overwhelming which is what I like in my sandwiches. They give a chocolate covered strawberry with any dish you order. Its basically nutella on the strawberry. Given the time of the year where the strawberries are so good. It was a real nice end to the meal. Its right next to Olive Garden, and was pretty full with the lunch crowd. I give it a thumbs up for a lunch place. Also you can get done in 35-40 minutes depending on how long you take to order or how long the lines are.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Actress of D : Rukshar

I came across an interesting tibit of information. The actress who is opossite Randeep Hooda in D who plays the actress Bhakti Bhatnagar is Ruksar. She did a movie which is atleast 10 years old. "Yaad Rakhegi Duniya". It had Adtiya Pancholi and she had cancer or a congitnal heart disease. Something fatal I can't remember what. But she died at the end of the movie. She had a very goody goody look in the movie. Plus the character was very mischievous and bratty. The role in D is totally different. I think she did a decent job in the movie but doesn't have a screen presnence in the movie. In fact Isha Koppikar even in the miniscule role of Chunky Pandey's wife comes across much move effective.

Since D is a prequel to Company it is so easy to imagine Ruksar's character metamorphing into Manisha Koirala's character in Company. I think it is good they didn't use the same actors. It would have negated the effect of D. It might have done a little better at hte box office. Well for any movie based on the underworld in typical mumbai style has a very small demographic that it appeals to. And it has done great in Mumbai.

The fickle Indian Media

Yesterday I was reading on timesofindia, how the Aussies are marked for downfall and talking about worthy successors. It takes a lot more than two defeats to break team. This could be indicative of a trend or could be just a flash in the pan. The thing that bothers me is that the Indian media espeically the sports journalists write totally in black or white. Its either Sachin is finished or Sachin evokes exterme terror in the mind of opposing teams bowlers. Its the same thing about everything. May it be Chappel's stint as coach, the bowling department or Ganguly's batting. India certainly has the talent to become the best team in the world. But so do a lot of other teams too. It takes a lot more than talent in today's day and age to become the top team. One of the things is consistency, discipline, hard work on fielding, the tail having the ability to wag.

I think the media needs to become more responsible and not faun so much rehtoric. Is it so hard to write articles logically and rationally. I am not branding all journalists but this is the general picture I get. Sports is capable of evoking extreme emotions in a person, so the other mediums should act a pacifier.

Friday, June 10, 2005

WAMP project

I am going to keep a running story of how I did my WAMP project (Windows/Apache/MySQL/PHP).

If you are running Windows XP and need to develop using MySQL and PHP, instead of downloading each of these three things seperately and configuring them just download the WAMP Server This will install all the three things.

The first road block:

When I opened a mysql command prompt it asked for me for a password.
The password is just an empty string. So just hit enter and works fine. But do remember to change the password.

The second road block

I already had IIS running when I installed Apache. both listen on port 80. So you have to change the settings of one or the other to listen on another port. I am thinking about just disabling the IIS. Well lets see how it turns out.